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There is always something for you to see and enjoy! :love:


Art I think is the bomb! Usually in relation to the fandoms I'm currently in :aww:


Saw "The Book of Life" and it was adorable and awesome! Highly recommend! :D
A Real Mother's Love by Graystripe64
A Real Mother's Love
There have been very few things more endearing to me than Satsuki's love and respect for the Mankanshoku family towards the end of Kill la Kill. Kill La Kill Stamp: Satsuki 7 

They are the perfect embodiment of everything Satsuki ever wanted in a family, and they welcome her and her Elites so quickly and with no hesitation. Never had happiness been so plainly seen on her face. And with Satsuki's obvious "mother troubles", I'm sure her relationship to the Mankanshoku matriarch was a little something like this. :criesthrust:  OUR SATSUKI NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT A REAL MOTHER'S LOVE IS LIKE! You know me, I love parent/child relationships. Another reason why Kill la Kill is so amazing to me. Spaz attack :updated: 

Also, short-haired Satsuki is a literal blessing to humanity. 

Image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Kill la Kill / Satsuki Kiryuin / Sukuyo Mankanshoku (c) TRIGGER
Going Berserk by Graystripe64
Going Berserk
I finished the 25 episode anime and all three Golden Arc movies in like 3 days. Berserk is dark and bloody and gory and a little heavy on the rape, but it's a fantastic anime (and the manga's art is badass). These are the three main characters -- Guts (the 'OP as fuck' main hero), Griffith (the pretty-boy leader of their mercenary band), and Casca (the only female warrior in their band and professional badass).

I colored them according to their specific characters. Guts, as he is drawn in the manga, has some of the most intense character art I've seen aside from "Akira", so I decided to play off the heavy contrast with solid, bold lineart and sketchy shading. Griffith is, like I said, a total pretty-boy but is able to knock Guts flat on his ass. He's got a serious ambition behind those handsome, effeminate features so while I resorted to light, feathery coloring, the lineart and his eyes are just intense enough to clue us into his aggressively tactful mind. As for Casca, she's a whole basket of conflicting emotions and responsibilities, so I used full color on her. But because she's reserved and strict when it comes to securing her place at Griffith's side, her lineart is subtle but dark. 

I recommend watching this anime of course. But I gotta warn you if you're sensitive to explicit blood, gore, sex, and/or rape. I would argue that those intense factors make it as awesome as it is, but I know some people have understandable aversions to that stuff, SO YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Working on "Soul Eater" and more "Kill la Kill" fanart! ;)

Image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Berserk / Guts / Griffith / Casca (c) Kentaro Miura
Lady (Satsuki) in Blue by Graystripe64
Lady (Satsuki) in Blue
Just a doodle of my favorite character that I decided to clean up and turn into something worth putting up here...since I haven't uploaded in a whileEmote - Shy Wave 01  

LADY SATSUKI! The queen of my heart! Kill La Kill Icon: Satsuki 5  Oh how I absolutely adore this character and everything about her catching love The second volume of the english dub comes out next week, so Kill la Kill has been EVEN MORE on my mind...sounds impossible, I know. But t'is true! 

Nothing much to say about this other than it was a doodle whose expression I liked and fixed up. DEM FUCKING EYEBROWS christ almighty. It's so much fun to just totally exaggerate those eyebrows as much as I want. Frankly, I think the bigger, the better. Gotta love Satsuki's dissatisfied, totally-judging-you scowls that just clear a fucking room. She's fierce, she's proud, she's got resolve for days! SHE'S LADY *FUCKING* SATSUKI. nuff said.

It's 3:30 am so Imma stop blabbing now. Enjoy my waifu art!

Image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Kill la Kill / Satsuki Kiryuin (c) TRIGGER
Len - turn around by Graystripe64
Len - turn around

EDIT: sorry about the links. My computer does that sometimes with text. I don't know thr reason for it nor do I know how to fix it other than gowing back through the text and rewriting it out...

Here's a somewhat official turn-around model sheet for my character Len! I made this for a specific art event and only had like 3 days to do it (homework and school aside) and this is what I managed to produce in that time. Otherwise I would have added a few more embellishments and even a couple more models, like from the back and stuff. 

But this is what I got, and I'm pretty happy with the quality so I uploaded it all for your viewing pleasure! These are full-body Len's as an adult in her preferred form.

Like I said about that jewelry. She wears it all the time. Like dragons, Guardian Lions like shiny things. They like pretty things. They have a knack for appraising and know when something is precious and authentic! They actually eat 5 yen coins! She wears these pieces as a symbol of her rank and birthright and also because she thinks they're pretty. As for her official Guardian Lion collar from the last image of her (the one with the bell), she only wears that for formal events...and whenever she decides to. It's a beautiful, gold treasure, but a little inhibiting, she'll say. 

I have many more model sheets in mind because these characters are deities, and take on many forms that embody their emotions and power. Like I said, this is the form that Len decided to take most of the time. She feels it suits her best -- shows off the right amount of intimidation and lithe grace she wants to physically embody. Len's father on the other hand...well he takes an entirely different form altogether! I'll have some of him up soon, cuz he's a fun one ;)

Maybe I'll have some Kill la Kill up for you guys soon! Continue to keep an eye out and thanks for being so supportive over these years! You guys are the best! :la:

Image / Len (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Off to Anime California for the next couple days! Check ya guys after the event! *waves enthusiastically*
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