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There is always something for you to see and enjoy! :love:


Art I think is the bomb! Usually in relation to the fandoms I'm currently in :aww:


Crying Sunset Shimmers by Graystripe64
Crying Sunset Shimmers
I'm back, y'all! And right before school starts up again! So what better way to showcase my feelings on that than to draw emotionally distraught, sobbing characters?!?! And a pony, no less!!

I really, really adore Sunset Shimmer and her character development in the "Equestria Girls" series. Her redemption arc is one littered with tears and the writing surrounding her has earned my respect!
And I also love drawing those big, overflowing, jelly tears that are so prelavent in anime. So I went and did that ^___^

Alright guys, here's a little something to hold you 'til my next update! I'm working on a new digital piece while also burning through my sketchbook! Keep an eye out; you're all wonderful!!!! <3

image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine, cutiepoxvaccine
MLP:FiM/ Equestria Girls/ Sunset Shimmer (c) Hasbro
Had an AMAZING 4 days at AX 2015! Another one for the books! ;P
satsumugu eskimo kisses by Graystripe64
satsumugu eskimo kisses
First off, WOW am I sorry that I have not posted art in like 6 months! That is majorly sucky and I feel totes bad about it! Hope y'all can forgive me ^_^; This last school semester was BUSY and I didn't have much time to make much art for y'all. And even the stuff I did make, I oddly enough lacked the motivation and confidence to post it :P (bleh)

But that's gonna change soon! I've been drawing more and more in my sketchbook now that summer's arrived, so at least, I have some sketches for you all to enjoy! Fan-art, as usual. Kill la Kill mostly. Some Evangelion too. So you can look forward to me posting that in the coming days/week! I can even upload all of the original stuff I made in my animation class, too! I think you guys will enjoy that stuff ;)




I haven't made it clear here, as I have on my tumblr, but without any regrets I TOTALLY ship Satsuki and Tsumugu!! ^__^

Yeah yeah, I know! Say what you will! Call it a crack ship all you want, I DON'T CARE! The amount of time I have taken thinking about these two characters and how their personalities resonate with each other has turned me into a RABID satsumugu shipper. I will not hear differently! I cannot be swayed! 

And if you're one of the few who don't mock me for this "crack ship" and are interested in what I could possibly find so interesting in pairing them up, I might post my headcanons on this ship on my tumblr in the near future. And I'll let you know when I do that. 

So yeah, this was just a little podt-it note doodle I did last night and I liked it enough to share in the interwebs! Consider this a precursor to the ABUNDANCE of art I plan on uploading soon! (A lot of the pieces may or may not be more of this ship andifyoudon'tlikeityoucanhushyourface!!)

Glad to be back for summer; I missed you all! Keep an eye out for me! ;)

Image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Kill la Kill/ Satsuki Kiryuin/ Tsumugu Kinagase (c) TRIGGER, Imaishi, Nakashima
Kiryuin Family Christmas by Graystripe64
Kiryuin Family Christmas

Christmas has already passed bUT WHO THE FUCK CARES?! I HAVE CUTE SISTER FLUFF ART FOR YOU ALL AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT! Merry christmas everybody 

Everyone's favorite scissor sisters get to spend a REAL Christmas together as a family this year, given that neither of them had ever had a proper one in their childhood's. But the Mankanshoku's are gonna fix that right up -- by inviting the Elite Four the Kiryuin sisters to their big, family Christmas party! Mako even gave all of her friends oversized Christmas sweaters to wear at the party! Luckily for Ryuko and Satsuki, they can make anything work! ;3 There was even a gift exchange and Ryuko bought Satsuki her very own present! Ryuko thinks she NAILED IT so damn hard this year, but to be honest, Satsuki couldn't care less what the actual present is. She'd love whatever it turned out to be because it would still be the first present she's ever received from her precious little sister! Although, she won't deny that the gift is highly amusing and she actually plans on using it. Her new favorite teacup is now a coffee mug wink :P 


I love family fluff so damn much and I am going to make all of you love it as well! Kill La Kill Stamp: Satsuki 7 Ryuko matoi (kill la kill)  CUTIES!

But seriously, HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! :energydrink: 

Image (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Kill la Kill / Ryuko Matoi / Satsuki Kiryuin (c) STUDIO TRIGGER

Spreads Like Madness
Remember that dog character of mine that I created a while back? This one --> <da:thumb id="400595070"> Okay, well yeah, this is sort of him again. And he's contracted rabies, as I have it in my original story. This is an attempt at concept art for that original project.

Without getting too deep into the plot of the story, I explore the the disease rabies from a psychological perspective. Dog is man's best friend, as we understand. They are undyingly loyal to us and we rely on them to protect and aid us. But rabies is particularly frightening because it has the ability to turn one's most loyal companion against them. Violently, and not of their own will. And so with this story, Von (as I've renamed him), is a sentry dog for Germany in WWI who contracts rabies and must try to fight the madness-induced instinct to kill his comrades (both dog and human). He also internally struggles with the notion that war and violence is seldom the answer to conflict.

AND THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE! So I was just messing around with styles here! Enjoy! ;)

Image / Von / story "War Hounds" (c) Graystripe64, rabiesvaccine
Off to Anime California for the next couple days! Check ya guys after the event! *waves enthusiastically*
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