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Okay, this just HAS to be addressed.

For anyone who hasn't heard, there is a new show on Nickelodeon called, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, a spin-off of the already popular series of movies of the same name. While the show was being pitched to television watchers, such as myself, I got excited!

"Wow, really?! A show about Kung Fu Panda? You're kidding me? More Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five? This has GOT to be too good to be true!"

And what great timing, by the way -- just after the second movie came out! The sequel was beyond fabulous, so why can't the show be? It's just a continuation of what's already been established, right?



I know more about the world of Kung Fu Panda more than these mediocre show-makers! Everything's become a farce -- "how can we take this pain-stakingly created world of culture-driven awesomeness, and turn it into complete CRAP?!"
I see NO effort being put into this show at all. They overlook even the most concrete of details and replace them with their own made-up bullshit! The most important, main characters COULD NOT be anymore out of character than they currently are now! I'll actually give you a list:

Po -- he's still maintained his overly enthusiastic, child-like behavior that we all recognize and love, but he's also gained this unnatural, irresponsible air to him -- where respect for his master and comrades no longer exists. He blatantly disobeys rules and orders that are put in place by Shifu and the others all for some stupid reason that is eventually lost by the end of the episode. He is no longer enjoyable, but rather just annoying and extremely immature. Po, in the films, only wanted to please and help those he thought he'd let down or given reason to not like him. He was sweet-natured and caring, and always put his all into making others satisfied -- even if it meant he would be hurt in the process. He also never makes fun of others -- only himself. He is a humble character who just wants to be something great!

Shifu -- still managing to retain the strict, dead-pan personality that we've come to observe in the movies, but due to the antics of the Dragon Warrior in the show, he is not NEARLY as harsh enough with punishments and making sure the panda learned his lesson. His sole purpose in the show has become to correct Po's mistakes and then walk off into a meditation session -- forgetting completely that a drastic incident had just occurred on his watch.

Tigress -- O...M...G. This...this is just the worst injustice to ever overcome the world EVER! Tigress is supposed to have a very layered, deep, introspective personality that takes time to unfold, and usually by the easy-going Po. But what they've turned her into is just...I can't even think about it sometimes. I get too upset. What this stoic, iron-jawed, skilled, responsible, incredibly focused, and underlying-compassionate warrior is just HORRIFYING. They have completely taken all the "negative" attributes to her (seemingly uncaring, strict, and unpleasant) and made that her solepersonality. The "soft" side that we've witnessed her indulging in Kung Fu Panda Holiday and in Kung Fu Panda 2 have completely disappeared! The show-makers have literally had the audacity to call her "wound up tight, bound by the rules, [and] unimaginative". DO THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT??!!
They constantly chastise her for being "mean and hard-hearted" and is actually openly mocked for it on the show!

In the episode, "Chain Reaction", Po asks Tigress, "You wanted to be the Dragon Warrior, didn't you?" Tigress responds, "Everyone wanted to be the Dragon Warrior. But, things don't always turn out the way you think."


Po then says later on in the show when Tigress flies into a rage at him for ruining something of hers, " may be a great warrior, but you stink at friendship"

Well you know what, Po? When you've grown up as an orphan, been called a "monster" your entire childhood for reasons beyond your control, had an adoptive father that with-heald all his love, and strived for 20 agonizing, bone-breaking, years to be the best warrior possible -- all to have it snatched away from you in minutes -- YOU'RE ALLOWED TO BE A LITTLE "UNFRIENDLY" AT TIMES, DAMMIT!

Do they even KNOW Tigress??! There is so much more to her than what meets the eye! Maybe </i>that's</i> why it's become so hard for the show-makers to get her personality right -- because it takes genuine EFFORT in order to fully understand her, and we all know that these butt-scratchers are NOT willing to use effort for anything!!

Oh, and to further prove that point on EFFORT, there was a moment in the most recent episode, "Jailhouse Panda" when Po has disguised himself using a "shift stone", Monkey and Tigress don't recognize him and actually mistake him for a real criminal. In order to prove that it's actually him, he tells them things that only he would know about them. He reveals a couple things that are of the show-makers creations that aren't that big of a deal, but the final comment Po makes about Tigress -- that finally makes her realize it IS Po --  is when he screams, "Tigress, when you were a teenager, you had a crush on Shifu!"

I nearly shat myself. I screamed at my computer for so long that my mother thought I was being raped. This is no joke.




*Pant...pant...pant* Okay, I've calmed my rant now...

But seriously, hopefully you all somewhat understand what I'm going through here, right? I mean...this is just really bad. I don't really know what to do with this dilemma I have -- do I continue to watch the show, or do I save myself from further torment and go on with my daily life? I was hoping that you could help me.

*Sigh*...thanks for listening/reading, everyone. You can all go back to your lives now. I have to go searching for mine. I think this horrible adaptation of a TV show stole mine...

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KidBobobo Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My least favorite episodes are:

-Sticky Situation
-Chain Reaction
-Sight for Sore Eyes
-Good Croc, Bad Croc
-Enter the Dragon

The ones that absolutely ruined the series are:

-Way of the Prawn
-Mouth Off
-The Serpent's Tooth
-The Goosefather
-A Stitch in Time
-The Hunger Game
-The Real Dragon Warrior
Korraspolarleopard Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2015  Student General Artist
I know that this is pretty late, but I wanted to tell you that i totally agree with pretty much everything you just said. However, there arn't enough words or time to describe all the injustice that this show has brought. But one thing I wanted to say is that 1. Tigress was beaten easily by Po in the orb episode. like wft. no. just no. Did you see what she did to Po in the sequel when they were arguing in the jail!??? that just made so mad. 2. They made Shifu a freakin fan boy. Like... WHAT!??? 3. Peng is the supposed "nephew" of Tai Lung. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!????? HE WAS FREAKING ADOPTED! HE DOSENT HAVE A FAMILY!!! ok those were all my main complaints besides the ones you already put. so thanks for that! AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) 
DarthBane48 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 25, 2015
Well that's what happens when you get an adaptation of something sometimes the adaptation works and other times it will end up like this piece of horse sh*t
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
I learned briefly about an upcoming episode on Wikipedia, that involves yet MORE magical bull****(magical lightning powers, be be precise), now sign,…
No-mercy-pootis Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
I agree the show's bad but am I the only one that thinks the first few episodes are actually quit good and the rest it seems like they just ran out of ideas and wings it on every new episode especially on that new one about the something orchestra where they used musical kung fu I mean WHAT THE FU-- IS MUSICAL KUNG FU??! LOOKS LIKE SOME SORT OF DRAGON BALL Z FIRE BALLS! I could come up with WAAAAAAAY better ideas than MUSICAL KUNG FU and if they're really out of ideas USE SOMETHING FROM CHINESE LEGENDS OR CHINESE STORIES OR REALLY CHINESE EVENTS SUCH AS WAR AGAINST THE HUNS OR THE WAR AGAINST OTHER EMPERORS OR I'M SURE THERE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH LEGENDS WHERE KUNG FU MASTERS GATHERED ACROSS CHINA TO BATTLE FOR SOME SORT OF TITLE OR SOMETHING. (P.S. I'm writing a story about kung fu panda in world war two even that could be an idea for a show or a movie although it would miss up the setting and time completely) Their animation of backgrounds is terrible villages look like 3 houses with walls around them or in other words something built in minecraft. I hope the show hires a better story writer in the future or the show will really go down hills and into the toilet and push though layers of earth where it would reach the core of the earth and burn in the lava.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
How about the China vs. America/Britain Opium War?
bonatez Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
So is legends of awesomeness the same storyline as the movies? im not sure what canon means and the most ridiculous part is in the way of the prawn; tigress falls for a prawn. And there should be a romance between Po and Tigress. The 2nd move gave big hints and in KFP:LOA tigress just despises Po unlike the 2ND movie
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
The show is clearly non-canon.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Did you see the most recent episode?
Railfan-NS-Delaware Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Everybody has different opinions,
I love KFP LOA. (I'll complain about the textures) 
Downsides- No high detail, fake like backgrounds
eh even for those two, I still love KFP.  
Long262 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
Oh God.. Somebody at last turned my pain into words.. Great journal and "Damn Right"
TheElectricGuardian Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Omg I love you so much right now. At first I thought it will be amazing, but now I'd rather choke myself than watch one episode of that sh**y show. 
Raxyz Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Exactly that... That show is ridiculous, he went from "obfuscating stupidity", a badass troop that Jack Sparrow himself has it, to a "butt monkey".
Everyone involved in the making of that THING should've been strapped to a chair and watch the 2 movies a hundred times each so that they actually see how they effed up the series.

My BIGGEST problem with this... joke... is that's being considered canon. CANON. Why don't we make every fanfic canon too? Pfft...
Good to see so many people agree with me on that matter, maybe someone will realize the complete bullshit that that show is and retcon it somewhere along the line...
Coralis101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

WAOH I cant believe that I feel someone can fell exactly like I feel :O

Its literally like everything I had in my mind was typed in by another person...This just shows that I'm no the only infuriated KFP Fan.I feel your pain bro,and have you seen the latest episodes? It just makes me wanna go kill the Legends of Awesomeness' Producers.    

BoyfromKrypton Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Hear the legend of the Kung Fu Panda!!!"

"How about NO???!!! You annoying little bastard!"
Ni-qu Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
I couldn't agree more :nod:
MangaArtfansTwin Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
I understand everything you've been through. :iconcryingplz: :iconcrycryplz:
pikachucutie17 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
THANK YOU for pointing out the obvious! This show is (excuse my language) complete bullcrap. The animation looks like crap, the characterizations are crap, the fighting sequences are crap, and the Chinese culture which was so beautifully depicted in the movies has been completely warped to nothing more than a zit on the back of an American hick.
First off, I know animating fur is tough, but they all look like blobs! If you're gonna do a series on animals, make me WANT to look at the characters. For examples, in the second movie when they're in the prison and Tigress says "Ready" and takes a stance, the fur is so beautifully lit and it complements her every expression, movement, etc. In the series, the "fur" makes me want to gag. It's basically colored skin! And not even that!
Second, like you said, they've taken emotionally complex and lovable characters and turned them into plot devices. Your many angered sentences on Tigress ALONE expresses my feelings on this. And the family that we get to see formed in the movies is burned and maimed into a group of simpletons who can barely tolerate each other's presence most of the time.
Third, if you took any fight sequence from one of the movies and watched it frame by frame, it would still be more interesting than the "fighting" in the show. These are highly trained warriors, the Five having defeated like 10,000 warriors in a previously stated battle, and Tigress is captured by two crocodile bandits. What. The. Crap. It's choppy and it could be done by a complete beginner of really any fighting style.
Finally, the culture is long tossed aside. Sure they have things like arranged marraige and palaces, but other than that, it's any present day in an American cartoon. A TERRIBLE American cartoon.
I'm done.
I'll now be going back to the ACTUAL Kung Fu Panda that I know and love.
MEOW----MEOW Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I watched like one episode of that and was like "haha no." and turned my tv off forever. FOREVER....
ParanoidMonster Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
oh god, your so right, they made him so out of character. T-T
Robinfur123 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GodzillaKrueger Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This show is utter piece of shit especially Shifu/Tigress as if the concept of Tai Lung/Tigress was idiotic enough as it is...personally I ignore the show and just consider it to be non-canon.
"Friends are like trees, they fall down when you hit them multiple times with an axe."
-Insanity Wolf
❑ Single
❑ Taken
✔Mentally Dating Scratte
TheACRX Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
Kung Fu Panda Movies is Better, It Has a Full Detail, More Awesome Effects, Intense Sound and the most Important, Its Original Character Voices Like Jack Black(Po), Jackie Chan(Monkey), Dustin Hoffman(Master Shifu), Angelina Jolie(Tigress), Lucy Liu(Viper), David Cross(Crane) and Seth Rogen(Mantis). Kung fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness, such a mess, the 3d detail is bad quality changes, the Effects are Low, the stories are Almost Wrong! and the Problem is the Voices of the characters. I Stopped watching Nick TV Because This show Repeating All-over, and also, this show is for Kids only Except for Spongebob, because some people says that Spongebob is a Gay. Sorry if my comments are negative.

:bonk: :shithappens:
Railfan-NS-Delaware Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
everybody has different opinions. I love KFP LOA!
Railfan-NS-Delaware Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
everybody has different opinions. I love KFP LOA. 
MangaArtfansTwin Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
In the KDP: legends of.....whatever. Vipers voice actress is still Lucy Liu.
Arisu001 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
The creators of this series should just get a account, where the quality of their work will fit right in (with the majority of fics anyway). How sad that there are people working two or three jobs to feed their kids and others unable to find work, while the creators of this series blow money on plots they probably conceived in their sleep.
jediknightownsall Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Student General Artist
this was my reaction to that tigress crushing on shifu moment in that episode >c [link]
CuteBlueCherri Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Lol, this is EXACTLY what I think about this show. I mean, its super funny, but that's pretty much where it ends. Its just... ugh.

And am I the only one who is extrememly bothered by Po's character design in the show?? He just looks... dumb! His eyes are wayyyyy to big... that's what ruins it for me overall... :/
SplendorKing Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree in general. Personally I think the show is fine in a technical sense. The animation is passable, voice acting is pretty impressive, and the choreography is truly excellent. Also I don't mind a few of the new characters. Junjie is cool and I find Temutai and Fung hilarious.

However... the liberties taken with the characters for the sake of the plot are very groan-worthy. So often I find myself thinking "There's no way X would do that." There's a moment like this in every episode so far. Some of the episode plots are very tired and do nothing to shake up the formula. And a fair amount of the humor falls very flat (I'm looking at you 'In With The Old'). Every so often there's a pretty solid episode, but even those are rife with OOC moments or overused plot elements.

All-in-all I don't like the show, but I love KFP. So I'll end end up watching the series because it's KFP, but I won't love it. It will do as filler between movies. *shrug*
DragonTamerMCT Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree, when i watched this show(im pretty into the KFP universe, but there is still alot i dont know)
at first i thought this show was using info from some sort or short, or wiki i dint know about, but over time i realized this show is bull sh*t

im not mad at the show, i can actually understand why they make it, im sad at the fact it exists, its like call of duty, it adds a few new ideas each show, mostly recycling old content, but it still sucks.

I love the movies, so much more detail in them, i just hope the future movies dont use any content for the tv show
adrone123 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
Oh man I knew I couldn't be the only fan harboring the same feelings for this show.
*Rant in progress! stop reading if you have seen enough bull sh+& for the show all ready* Rated M for suggestive themes.

Let me explain my feelings for this show in a math equation

Kung Fu Panda Legends Of Awesomeness= An idea produced from a sugar high of 5 mountain dews, A jelly doughnut, and a bunch of cheap greedy ass bastards.
Remember to subtract a maturity level from each character as has been shown in the series by the 'wonderful and unique' authors.

Po= Nerfed. Well I guess the 'writers' (Jack asses that were spawned from some AID infested country in Africa)

Tigress= changed. Unknown personality appears in the series as well as needs, interests, and goals

Shifu= Well actually you summed up Shifu pretty well in your review. Just the adult to clean up Po's mess at the end of the episode.

Monkey= Unexplained. Jackie Chan's voice seemed to supply an excited and energetic character but now he's like a Russian Mongolian pot head in only for the chaos the unfolds at the palace.

Mantis= Actually not that far apart from the movie. Max Koch does a really good job as mimicking Seth Rogen and the childish jokes that come from his mouth aren't that far away from expected from Mantis. The episode Hometown Hero really lowered the bar for expectation for Mantis though. Enough said.

Viper=Well Viper doesn't really get many lines so all I have to do is say "Thanx assholes" for not providing a script smart enough to allow all characters to even have lines that a hobo taking a dump on an iPad in Walmart could have conjured up.

Crane=tears. I had hopes for Crane. I really did. They could have shoved dumplings up everyone's asses and I wouldn't have cared but they had to ruin the character that I adore as my favorite of the furious five. Crane R.I.P.

As for the rest of the shitty characters added in the show I don't mind. Half Yes and only half of the villains were pretty decent. Yes there are episodes that I want to cut out because of lame remarks such as the Tigress/Shifu crush dilemma. Like if I could delete that episode from even appearing to audiences I would probably receive a Nobel peace award. That episode would have 0% impact on anyone if that episode was removed. And further more I would like to hunt down the writer for the script and shove a brick so far up his ass that it comes out his mouth.

*End of rant*
Thank you everybody and keep on supporting the dismantling of this show!
Peace out
tatsu-okami Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Also, one of the more minor details that still drove me over the edge about the show: why did they have to make Crane so nerdy? Seriously, Crane is actually my favorite out of the Five because of his personality, and they butchered that, too! D<
Wraithldr Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Student General Artist
That, and why was he pulling scrolls seemingly out of thin air in the first episode. Wish I could do THAT shit.
Creativemind0 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I agree with you. I'm so disappointed with the quality of the show. It's WAY too OOC, not to mention the animation totally irks me.
Oreos-Splash Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
The things you pointed out I noticed as flaws in the show, plus a few more you mentioned.

What really irked me most of all, however, was that Po, the Furious 5, and Shifu seems a lot weaker in the show. I assume it's to give the bad guys an easier time against them. But it's sad every time I watch them have a difficult time against the Croc bandits.

Seriously... Croc bandits. Anyone Furious five alone, or Po, should be able to handle them no problem ._.

The second is what you pointed out. That the characters are... well, off in personality. Po's too irresponsible, and the Furious 5 hardly have any time in the show that they feel too flat.

And, because it's a show for kids, we probably won't see any love life in the show. Or, if we do, it's probably only going to last one episode and promptly disappear the next one ._.

But, despite this... I have to admit, the show's very entertaining in other ways. The humor is actually hilarious. I laughed more than once.

And I'm impressed how they expand the Culture with new ideas and character. Like Scorpion and Fenhuang. And Tai Ling's nephew, who's searching for his Uncle.

True, the show has some negatives. But if you learn to just see it was a show, you'll find it very entertaining too ^^"
tatsu-okami Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
To put it bluntly, this was my reaction to the episodes of KFP: LoA: [link]

And to think that I wanted to submit my fanfic series to be made possible episodes by these morons >>
Wraithldr Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Although I have seen some of the show and gotten a few chuckles from it, I'm inclined to agree with you. I think Dreamworks messed up when they chose to gear it towards only towards kids. I mean, really, look at the network it airs on.

I only recently got into this franchise. I was very pleasantly surprised by the films. I don't even want to say that they're kid's films. They're slightly more mature films that are still kid friendly. Even if the humor does occasionally fall on deaf ears with older viewers. The characters being animals has no effect over the target audience. *cough* Animal Farm *cough*. I was taken aback (in a good way) at the depth the movies had. Things like:

Shifu's inner turmoil over having essentially created one of the greatest terrors anyone had known to that point.

Po's suppressed memories.

Shen's Freudian excuses for why his parents banished him.

And, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is up with Tigress. We still don't fully know why she was ever in that orphanage, or why she feels so stoic. We got some emotions out of her in the second film which showed how much she truly cared for Po and the rest of the team, but only in the most tense and extreme of situations. I don't think I'm alone in saying that she's my favorite character overall.

These are mighty complex character issues for particularly young viewers. In a traditional "Kid's movie" it's exceedingly rare for characters to have any kind of real inner emotional or self-destructive problems of any kind, let alone the characters that are the heroes of the story. I was so happy to finally see an animated film that wasn't an anime that actually had themes in it that somebody my age could enjoy. It's always nice to care about the characters. It felt like Avatar (the original TV show) to me. It had a base story that was serious and characters that were complex, but could be fun for people of all ages.

That's why I truly dislike this show. Not because it's inherently bad. I dislike it because it has geared the franchise COMPLETELY towards children. Don't get me wrong, it's funnier and certainly more respectable than some of the other tripe on networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network these days. It's probably healthier than most other cartoons for any young kids who watch it. But, Nickelodeon has HAD a fairly mature show on the network before which I mentioned, and it was a MASSIVE success. The voice acting isn't too bad I guess. I simply feel that it's too much of a far-cry from its movie counterparts. Where the movies were humorous, the show is just silly. Every episode is, "Po screwed something up. Now, everyone else has to help him fix it." I understand that a TV show is on a much tighter schedule than a movie, but the animation in the show is just agonizingly stiff, and the backgrounds (all, like, three of them) are over-used.

I SINCERELY hope that this show does NOT effect how the movies are made in any way. Dreamworks has finally started a series of movies that I really have come to appreciate and sincerely enjoy. We all know there's going to be a third one, there's little to no doubt about that. I hope and pray that they stick to the formula they used in the first two films and plan to further explore the characters.

Sorry for the rant responding to the rant. But, DAMMIT, I'm passionate about good story telling and I'd hate to see it die in a franchise that I've come to love for it's story telling.
Raxyz Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
This show is canon... So it will likely affect the movie. Let's just hope they don't srew up any more than they already have.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
No it's not. For the sake of God and all good and holy, DO NOT make the show KFP canon or I'm gonna make Nickelodeon sorry it ever existed!
Raxyz Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
We'll see if it is or not canon on the next movie, i sure hope it isn't.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Me too, sign please and pass on…
Creativemind0 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm sorry for butting in on this, but I just wanted to say I couldn't agree with you more, especially on the last part when they continue to a third movie (which we all know it will) Every single word, amen. Well said.
Wraithldr Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Student General Artist
No apologies necessary. It's always nice to be agreed with. :lol:
Graystripe64 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student Filmographer
Dude, everything you said, I want to turn into a Bible for future, perpetual movie-watchers, such as myself. I can't even decide where to begin to address all the wonderfully accurate things you mentioned. Let's just say that every word you typed, I agree with passionately. Literally. Every single word.

I can't even...

You know, I'll reply to this later once I've really contemplated on an answer. I gotta take all this awesome stuff in.
Wraithldr Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol. Alright. Take your time.
Wraithldr Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student General Artist
One extra point. About the show-makers describing Tigress' character traits.

They really must NOT have caught the scene in the second film where she, on the fly, concluded that the team could escape both the collapsing tower AND it's barrier wall by scaling said collapsing tower. If that scene didn't prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was the brains of the outfit, I don't know what the hell did.

Bound by the rules. Pffft. Yeah, that's why she ran off with the rest of the Five to face Tai Lung against Shifu's wishes in the first film. Yeah. She's totally a sterling example of "bound by the rules".

She's actually a very Anakin Skywalker type character. Headstrong, sometimes even reckless, and by far the sharpest tool in the proverbial shed.

Man. I start to wonder if it's REALLY Dreamworks employees that are working on this show.

Lol, I'm really laying it on here aren't I?
Kungrea Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Am I the only one who actually freaking loves this show?
FerretJuice Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Student General Artist
Dude. Exactly how I feel. When I heard that last line I was pacing around my room with my hands already pulling my hair out. But I have a theory why this show is so bad: The original Dreamworks people hired shitty showmakers to do it, and shitty scriptwriters. I was so excited for this show and they ruined it. On the bright side though, the designs for new characters are interesting to see. But the plot lines in each episode are completely confusing and not worth watching.
LiiM3 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I heard it, I was like "YES!"
When I saw it, "Oh HELL no."
They basicly ruined it >:U
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